“Best Water from Air” introduces
OWC WATER Atmospheric Water Generators

OWC Water may be the healthiest
and tastiest water available on our planet.

deco Our Atmospheric Water Generators make refreshing, clean water form air. It is produced at a very low price without negative environmental impact like the water produced from bottled or city water. In addition the consumer unit has the option to generate 9.5 pH ALKALINE-IONIZED and high negative ORP water which has tremendous health benefits. A high negative ORP delays the body’s aging process and a high positive ORP reading speeds up the aging process.

deco OWC ALKALINE Water hydrates the body 6x more effectively than regular water, it retards the aging process through the distribution of oxygen, balances body pH to prevent disease and detoxifies the body through cleansing of acidic waste, fat and other toxins. 7.4 pH is ideal blood pH for Humans. Disease symptoms begin at 6.8 pH and cancer cells begin to form at 5.6 pH.

OWC Water does not contain Chlorine, Fluoride, Pesticides, Pharmaceuticals, Contaminants, Enviromental Waste and Heavy Metals.

As an additional benefit the OWC water unit acts as a Dehumidifier. By cleaning the air it protects you and your loved ones from inhaling dust, bacteria and fungus.


Onion, Seaweed, Asparagus,
Cauliflower, Carrots
9.5 » OWC Alkaline Water Green Tea, Blueberries,
Olive Oil, Watermelon, Kiwi
8.0 » OWC Basic Water
Sea Salt, Apples,
Lettuce, Garlic, Avocados
7.365 » optimum pH for Human Blood
Butter, Milk, Yogurt,
Plums, Brown Rice
6.8 » Disease Symptoms begin Eggs, Fish, Cocoa,
Most Grains, Rye Bread
5.6 » Cancer Cells begin to form Beer, White Rice,
Sugar, Chicken, Turkey
4.8 » Acid Rain Coffee, Beef, White Bread,
Peanuts, Cranberries
3.5 » Human Body cannot sustain life
Wine, Pork, Cheese, Chocolate,
Black Tea, Orange Juice, Soda, Coke,
Energy Drinks, Lemon Juice, Vinegar

You never have to buy water again

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